Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional Acupuncturist Newton Ho  has joined the team here at the Orchard Clinic, he is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, he has trained at the College of Traditional Acupuncture certified by Oxford Brookes University. His practice incorporates Five Element, Dr Tan's Balance Method and Master Tung styles of acupuncture.
Traditional  Acupuncture, developed in the Far East thousands of years ago in China, is based on theories of Yin and Yang (two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy, e.g. negative and positive, dark and bright etc.). 
Newton will use a number of different diagnostic methods to get a picture of your health including your lifestyle and take a full medical history before putting together a full treatment plan. Acupuncture points are selected according to your conditions. You can get more information on current scientific research into the effectiveness of acupuncture by visiting or by speaking to a BAcC registered acupuncturist. 


Osteopath and British Medical Acupuncture Society member Anand Aggarwal continues to offer medical acupuncture to patients here at the Orchard Clinic, helping them to treat a wide range of conditions alongside Osteopathy. Please click on this link to read how treatment can help you. /page.php?article=633&name=+Medical+Acupuncture




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