Are You Sitting Comfortably?

With more of us sitting on a daily basis, a little care with our sitting posture can go a long way towards avoiding back strain and other related problems such as RSI (repetitive strain injury).
Follow the tips below to help avoid problems:
A good rule of thumb is that your work desk should be at least half your own height, while the chair (seat) should be at least one third of your height.
A cushion placed at the back of the seat to lift the hips slightly, or a cushion behind the small of the back, can help. (Specially designed cushions for these purposes can be purchased from us).
A gently sloping desk top raises the working surface and allows better posture.
Get up out of the chair every 15 - 20 minutes to stretch and walk around, even if only for a minute.
For general care in sitting try the following:
Your hips should be placed right into the back of the seat.
Do not sit with both legs up on a stool unless this is necessary for other medical reasons; the position pulls the lower back into a position of strain. If poor lower limb circulation or any other condition does require this position, then, instead of sitting up straight, allow the back to recline at a greater angle while adding plenty of support for the lower back using cushions.
Avoid crossing the legs at the knees, it exerts a twisting strain on the back - and is bad for veins!
Do not sit for hours on the floor propped against furniture with both legs straight out in front - this also pulls on the lower back. If the floor is your favourite spot for sitting, then change positions frequently and use cushions for extra support.
Get into a car by sitting first and then swinging in your legs. Be careful if you are in a painful or “twingeing” episode. Care at moments like this makes all the difference between irritating and protecting a potential injury.
Beware of sitting up in bed, propped on numerous pillows, reading or watching television - especially if you have back pain.
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