UK Osteopathic Patient Expectations Study


Great news from a recent UK Osteopathic Patient Expectations Study. Over 1,700 Osteopathic patients across the UK were asked to take part in the study conducted by the University of Brighton during 2009-10. The study's aims were to gain an understanding of the expectations of patients receiving Osteopathic care and to find out to what extent those patients perceived their expectations to have been met.
The results showed that over 96% of respondents reported being satisfied or
very satisfied with their Osteopathic care with their expectations largely met.
The 'best met' expectations included:-
  • being treated with respect.
  • being able to ask questions and to have questions answered to their satisfaction.
  • the Osteopath listening to them and being sympathetic and caring.
  • the Osteopath examining the specific problem area with his/her hands.
  • being given a clear explanation of the cause of the problem that they could understand.
  • the treatment representing value for money.



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