Orchard Clinic Patient Testimonials

Over 80% of our patients come to us by personal or GP recommendation. In order to illustrate the standards we like to achieve here at Orchard Clinic, we have asked some of our patients to say a few words about us, as below.

" After suffering for many weeks with lack off sleep and exhaustion, I decided to visit Medical Herbalist Helen Shardlow, she went through my medical history and listened to my health symptoms for an hour, I was very impressed with both her knowledge and time given to me, she prescribed some medicine and very soon I was sleeping and feeling much better than i had been for a long while. I can't thank her enough, sleep deprivation is so debilitating, she has certainly made me feel a different person. Thank you Helen.
A very happy patient. March 2019 

"I would just like to thank you for the service we have received over the years that we have been using Orchard Clinic. Since Abigail started in Thrapston both my wife and myself have used you and recommended to friends for the excellent productive service received. Moving on to use Pierre and recently Anand with equal success. I received acupuncture for tennis elbow and was sceptical but this resolved a problem I had had for a year, if only I had acted quicker. 
Again many thanks."
CP & CJ Hysom.  
"I would like to thank Anand Aggarwal for the amazing Medical Acupuncture treatment on my arm and shoulder. Before my first appointment I could not lift my arm high enough to put my jacket on. After my first acupuncture treatment with Anand I was so amazed at the pain relief I got. The treatment was painless, with exercises to take home with me and within 48 hours I was managing to put my jacket on by myself without pain. Thank you so much you are a real gentleman.

The Clinic is such a welcoming place. Everyone is so friendly and so helpful, thank you."

Graham, Thrapston.
"I have been very impressed with the friendly, thorough and professional treatment I have received at the Orchard Clinic.
On a friends recommendation I have been treated by Anand and have felt a wonderful sense of well being and pain relief from the combination of Medical Acupuncture and manipulation I have received for my arthritic, damaged knee. 
If you have joint pain like me this kind of treatment may work for you as well."
B.M.J.P., Raunds.
"I started having weekly allergic reactions in October 2015 which affected my work and home life. I went to the doctors three times during that period, who was hopeless to say the least.
My first appointment with you was four months ago, it was painless and only took 45 minutes and since that day I haven't had another reaction .
I'd like to say a huge thank you, you have made a huge difference to me - I don't have to worry about it anymore.
I wish I'd found you sooner!
Many thanks once again."
Allergy Test Patient
"I was amazed and pleased to find that the allergy test was so straightforward and comprehensive. The results gave a strong indication of my problem and now, after only two weeks of following the dietary advice, I feel  better than I have in years. I can even sing again!"


"I have attended the Orchard Clinic for several years, initially for a back injury, this has long since been put right. I have continued attending the clinic for a postural problem which is part of the side effects of my Parkinsons Disease diagnosed 7 years ago. Although this problem is progressive, I feel that my treatment at the Orchard Clinic by Abigail has alleviated a rapid deterioration which would have been and is inevitable.  
Therefore I would recommend the Orchard Clinic for any treatment that would be beneficial to other patients that is within their field of expertise. I have no connection with the Orchard Clinic other than as a satisfied patient."
M.D.H., Raunds.
"Having required manipulation (osteopathy) for chronic back pain for 30 plus and 50 plus years respectively, we appreciate the need for care, competence and skill and these are the reasons why we travel over 1000 miles each way to receive treatment at the hands of Abigail Miller at the Orchard Clinic."
Irma & Robert Clifford, Carinthia, Austria.

"Pierre was recommended to me by my nephew initially for some problems with my back and neck which were causing problems with my arms. Because that treatment was so successful, I went back this year with tennis elbow, which again was successfully treated.

While there, I mentioned a problem I had with my foot following an operation 15 years ago. It had not been 100% since the operation and had started to get very painful but I just thought I would have to put up with it. However, 2 or 3 visits to Pierre later and I am wearing nice shoes again and the pain has all but gone.

Pierre has both a friendly and professional approach to his patients and in my opinion he has a natural ability to put you at ease. I would thoroughly recommend Pierre and The Orchard Clinic to anybody with chronic aches and pains ... you will be amazed at the magic he can perform and how your life can be improved."

Sarah Thompson, Market Harborough.

"I have just completed a short course of treatment with Pierre at The Orchard Clinic and am delighted with the results.

I must admit I was quite sceptical before I started treatment and have always avoided treatments complimentary to mainstream medicine in the past.

How wrong was I !!

I have always had aches and pains in my back, it is a common complaint in my job (I am a dental surgeon) but they have always gone away. However, I developed pain in my neck which was transmitted down my arm and showed no sign of getting better. My long suffering nurse eventually forced me to make an appointment at The Orchard Clinic (she and her family are patients and it came highly recommended).

From my first visit I felt “cured” and subsequent visits made me feel even better. I realise there had been a lot of background discomfort for some time.

How I wish I had seen Pierre or one of his colleagues many years ago.

The whole experience was professional, pleasant and efficient. There was no pressure to undertake treatment and everything was explained fully.

Have no qualms, book your appointment with confidence."
"I would like to convey my thanks to Abigail for the relief I have gained from neck and shoulder pain over the years I have been visiting. I would also like to thank Avin Patel for his Medical Acupuncture on my knee. Following his treatment the pain in my knee has all but gone and the degree of movement I now have is excellent. I would recommend him - and in fact already have - to anyone I know who is suffering arthritic pain. Finally I would like to add that I have found Orchard Clinic to be a very professional, well run, friendly place to visit."
A Grateful Patient.
"I would like to thank everyone at Orchard Clinic for the exceptional level of care that you have provided. I am certain that my son's recovery is due to the treatment provided by Pierre (and Avin whose Medical Acupuncture seemed to trigger an immediate and spontaneous reduction in the pain). But I'd like to place on record my thanks to Pierre for his unrelenting creativity in finding new and different ways to help my son through what has been a traumatic and testing time for us all. I can't speak highly enough of what a difference his gentle (and sometimes not so gentle!) approach and understanding has made in helping to accelerate his recovery. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Pierre and Avin to anyone who would appear to benefit from their expertise. I can pay no higher compliment than saying that my son himself would recommend their skills and care and that my own mind has been opened through the experience of dealing with you these past few months."

"I wanted to take the time to say how outstanding the Orchard Clinic is. I have been under the care of Pierre Antoyé for what must be four years now, and without a second’s hesitation I can say there is no other Osteopath I would see.

Prior to seeing Pierre, I had seen a multitude of perfectly capable Osteopaths, but he has succeeded in helping me get my health to a place I did not believe I could get it to. He demonstrates a rare quality in practitioners where he will adapt to what each patient needs, rather than the confines of what he considers to be a standard approach. He offers a genuine, professional and compassionate approach. He has always checked how I am progressing, and even when this has meant opening the clinic early or staying late, he has not left me in pain.

It is ever so un-natural when in a state of pain to let someone near you, however Pierre is an exception to this. I have sent family and friends to him, and always known he will do what he can to help them.

It is Pierre's passion and knowledge of Osteopathy that makes him an asset to the clinic and in my eyes, the best practitioner I have had the privilege to be treated by. He has a phenomenal structural knowledge as well as always looking at any other factors such as environmental, medication,and work that could be having an effect. Personally I always extend my gratitude for the fact he always goes the extra mile and helps you feel safe and secure in the knowledge he will find a way to treat you no matter how simple or complex your case may be.

The entire clinic offers a wonderful environment and always makes you feel like an individual not just another patient. The wonderful ladies who keep the appointments always ask how I am, and make it a pleasurable environment."

Rachel Berry.
An email from a grateful patient who has received treatment from Pierre and Kevin..."Cheers, just so pleased they have worked their magic so well."
Desborough Patient.
"Dear Abigail, I wanted to write and thank you for all your help and understanding and also to thank you for writing to my doctor. Because of your letter I had an MRI scan which showed 2 tears in the meniscus in my knee. I have an appointment at Mr. Biswas' clinic on 18th December.
I feel now that I am getting somewhere and if you hadn't written to my doctor I would still be struggling with no-one listening."
G. McRobert, Brigstock (letter).

"I have a long-standing shoulder/arm condition which has been extremely painful for the last few months, and have been receiving treatment from both Abigail and Kevin. Abigail has been giving me osteopathy treatment and Kevin is using a mix of physical/remedial soft tissue therapy together with low level laser treatment 

When we first started treating the condition, I had hardly any movement in my left arm and shoulder, was in permanent pain and taking the maximum daily amount of Ibuprofen I could. For the last month I have had physical/remedial soft tissue therapy and laser treatment twice weekly with Kevin. After the first laser session, I had, amazingly, much better movement in my shoulder. The tension in the muscles in my shoulder and arm was much easier and as a result, I have had greater mobility, much less pain and am taking hardly any painkillers. My condition is improving and the laser treatment has definitely exceeded my expectations. I would whole-heartedly recommend it."
S. Ives, Thrapston.

"I would like to thank the  team at Orchard Clinic for the difference they have made to me. After a number of years suffering from nerves and depression and trying different methods and different things, I can't thank them enough. I recommend the Orchard Clinic for any treatment in that line."

" I am at present having laser treatment at the Orchard Clinic. After only three sessions of 20 minutes on my right knee I am in virtually no pain from a torn ligament and eighty years of wear and tear, there is also a marked improvement in my mobility.

One session of laser on my tennis elbow has all but stopped the pain and one more session will, I'm sure, cure the problem.

I can only assure other patients who are recommended by the staff to undertake this treatment they will not be disappointed with the results.

I have no connection with the Orchard Clinic other than as a satisfied patient." 

Max Harrison, Raunds.

"I have been having a course of laser/osteopathy treatment from Pierre for a bad knee injury caused by a fall. The results have been amazing and painless. I would recommend this treatment to anyone of any age. Definitely a pain relief to look in to."
Kathy Hilliard. 

"After two seasons out, I returned to play rugby but was anxious when I injured my neck early on. I had very limited movement and trouble sleeping and left things for three weeks thinking it would heal, that failing, a friend recommended I visit the Orchard Clinic after they had some treatment to cure a damaged back. I phoned to make the appointment and was immediately made to feel welcome and reassured and this continued when I visited for my first treatment, with all the staff offering a friendly and warm welcome. After just four treatments with Avin, my neck was cured and I am now playing rugby with confidence. Because of the nature of my work and the sport I play, I now visit Kevin for a sports massage to aid my performance and help prevent any further injury. Adding to this I have had help from Abigail regarding my flat feet, after examination she recommended some very comfortable inner soles which I now wear all the time! Thank you to everyone at the Orchard Clinic, I always recommend my friends and clients!"
Jamie Houghton, Personal Trainer.
 "I am very satisfied with the service I receive from Jacqui at the Orchard Clinic. The treatment is professional and expert advice is given which is helpful."

"I cannot believe how much better I feel after visiting Sam at the Orchard Clinic, my energy levels have almost doubled! The test definitely proves you are what you eat! Thank you Sam."

A VERY happy allergy test patient. 

"I would like to thank the  team at Orchard Clinic for the difference they have made to me. After a number of years suffering from nerves and depression and trying different methods and different things, I can't thank them enough. I recommend the Orchard Clinic for any treatment in that line."



"Discovering Orchard Clinic, and Jacqui Bramall, has improved my life with ingrowing toenails unbelievably! The calm and relaxed environment, together with professional and empathetic treatment, means I am more than happy to recommend Jacqui with confidence."

Sheila Amatuzzi.

"An unfortunate side effect of driving (as a huge part of my job) is suffering various aches and pains. The stress of the job I do also factors in, unfortunately. I have recently been treated by Kevin Horne in his capacity as a Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist. Kevin's professional and knowledgeable approach along with deep tissue massage has meant that I am now pain free. The clinic also has Michelle Helstrip as part of their team who, as an expert in Dru Yoga, has helped with core strength and posture to reduce the discomfort of so much driving.   
As a whole the Orchard Clinic is a very welcoming and professionally run practice and I have already sung their praises to several friends and colleagues."
S.R., Thrapston.

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